Why are stories so captivating and how can they help with your child's online learning?

Stories hove always had a fascinating effect on kids and adults alike. They hove a way to capture your attention like nothing else and allow you to use the full magnitude of your imagination. Hence, so many stories often end with a moral message to help kids learn the important lessons on their life in such a way thot they don't forget them anytime soon.  At Buddyacademy , we are leveraging the power of stories to deliver the best online learning experience for your kids. How are we doing it* Here's how: 1) Our database of world-class interactive content helps a child learn the intricate lessons of Moth and Science in a fun and long-lasting way. 2) We offer Moth and Science online tuitions for Grades 3-10 and all our content is complemented by on online teacher for every class. 3) We hove revolutionized online tutoring by introducing the age-old method of learning: Stories. With our approach, we hove managed to achieve some astonishing results and parents hove never been

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  At Buddyacademy we the 'Buddyites' have an intent to provide the best ever learning experience to each & every learner without any exception! Obsessed with delivering the best education with perfection & ease!